What are Solar Road Studs

A large number of cars flow into our life with the rapid development of people’s living standard. In order to decrease the occurrence rate of traffic accidents and provide more protection of the safety of pedestrians and drivers on the roads, the advanced road safety facility, road stud,  becomes an important part of our daily life, and the solar road studs also play key roles on our way home. The solar road studs can be divided into two types according to their installation methods, and one is the type with foot, which is installed with screws on the ground directly, and the other is the type without foot, which is usually installed with the specialized glue. It absorbs sunlight in the daytime, and give out light at night or on rainy days, which warns drivers about the way.

Solar Road Stud Solar Road Stud

The solar road stud become popular when it is produced, for it used solar power, which saves much energy and has low energy consumption, and it is a production which can save energy and money for people purchase it. For it only uses sunlight, the solar road stud is environmentally friendly, which would not give out hazardous substances. The solar road stud can work for a long time, and it can work for more than 120 hours if fully charged. It has strong pressure resistance, which can meet the national standards of road studs in pressure resistance. The solar road stud can suit various weather conditions, and it can work in the environment with high temperature or low temperature. This feature makes it can work all over the world.

Advantages of Solar Road Stud
Solar Road Stud Solar Road Stud
Cost effective, easy to install without maintenance.
Non-pollution energy is used, which is good for environmental conservation.
Our solar road stud are made of strengthened aluminum alloy and Hi-Grade poly carbonate, these studs are absolutely weather resistant / virtually indestructible. 

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