Testing of road stud

Although the history of road stud industry is only 15 years, it has been used in large quantities and wide ranges in the United States both in the highway, the country road, the campus road, the road line and road center line. Where there is a car, there is a road stud. American drivers have already formed such a concept: look the line during the day and the road stud in the evening. Namely, the road stud is the marking in the night. It has the same importance as the line and deeply trusted and favored by the Americans.

Road Sutd

The American inspection standards of road stud:
It is divided into two kinds:
1. Sample testing.
2. Field Testing.
1) The following are the conditions for the choice of experimental standard section:
A. The road is free passage;
B. During the test, no pavement maintenance or construction;
C. 35000 times of traffic flow, then install the road stud of specified number on the road.
Install the road stud on the road for two years and observe the shell, the reflector surface and internal reflector once half a year and divide the observed result into five grades.

2) Field observation.
Excellent, intact like the new one.
Very good, have a little scratch;
Medium, there are obvious flaws, but can still work;
Poor, badly damaged, weak work;
Very poor, no work at all. Then test its luminous intensity.

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