About 700 Solar Traffic Signs are Installed in Rencheng District, Jining

In order to guarantee the smooth and safety of traffic at night or in bad weather conditions, about 700 solar active illuminating traffic signs are installed in several road intersections in Rencheng District recently. Combined with the advanced technologies of Internet telecontrol, solar active illuminating and visual penetration in foggy days, the solar traffic signs can play the role of guidance and warning to make sure the drivers can drive safety on their way.

Solar Road Traffic Signs
The solar road signs are composed by index plane, baseboard, reflecting film, solar panel, controller and light-emitting unit. The solar road signs use characters and patterns to convey warnings and information to drivers and pedestrians to manage the safety facilities. The operational principle of the solar road signs can transform the solar energy into light energy and give out light through led to delineate the patterns and convey transportation information. This product applies advanced solar cell low-voltage power supply technology, and the led tubes are set on the panel, which makes the warnings or driving signs visible no matter in daytime or at night, especially in adverse weathers the solar road signs can penetrate rain or fog in long distance.
Established in 2001, NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY is a medium manufacturer and supplier of the solar products like solar road studs, integrated solar street lights and solar traffic signs. NOKIN always implements the modern road management system and scientific and technological innovations on solar products. All the products of NOKIN are ISO9001, CE certificate and RHOS approved. The solar products of NOKIN can meet the needs of clients from all the climates, for the products are tested strictly before they go into market and the tests are made in different weather conditions. The products can be produced by the samples provided by the clients. Please contact us whenever you need.