Solar Road Studs and Sheep

That’s true, you are not misunderstand. The solar road studs are be used in sheep. This picture is from our clients in south Africa. He has lots of sheep, but they always lost, especially at night, there are lack of streetlight. It’s difficult for him to find the sheep in the dark. It’s a good idea to fix the solar road studs on the head of sheep. It solves the problem perfectly. You know, the solar road studs charging during the day and starting to glow at night. They just like diamond to guide the famer to find the sheep easily in the dark. The solar road studs always appear in the road of cities, the ground to mark the line and the parking or underground garages. They can not only lighting the roads, but beautify the cities. But today, you know the solar road studs can also be used in sheep. That’s amazing!
solar road studs fix on the head of sheep
This solar road studs are our product NK-RS-C1. The road cats eyes are naturally charged by the sun. As soon as it starts getting dark, the LED lights in the solar cat eye road stud can be given out automatically each night for up to 10 hours. The road cats eyes are specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit reflect light, which makes the solar cat eye road stud cost effective, easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance.
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