With Such A Artifact—Solar Road Stud, Old Drivers Will No Longer Be Afraid of Accidents

I believe that most of the old drivers are afraid of driving a car when the bad weather.No matter it’s windy, rainy, smoggy or encounter “ new female driver”, the old drivers must be carefully driving. Otherwise, they might be found in the headlines the next day. After all, there are so many traffic accidents every day. Compared with the bad weather, women drivers are a little bit better. However, weather condition entirely depends on god mood, he doesn’t care wether you can see the road clearly while driving or not. But don’t be afraid, today, I will introduce the artifact—solar road stud to you. If you know it, I am sure you will be fall in love with it immediately.

Solar road studs ,the pressure resistance is over 30 tons. High temperature resistance (85 degrees is not a problem).Cold resistance (minus 40 is ok). Charge on the day and glow on the night. Like a star to guide the new and old drivers. Look, solar road studs made in Shenzhen NOKIN in Philippines.
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there are many road stud intallation videos
These solar road studs are installed on the highway and marking municipal road or the middle of double yellow line. They absorb solar energy on the day and convert it into electricity on the night. They can control light and flash frequency so that they can automatically flash even if lack of light during night . All in all, Solar road studs make a great important in warning drivers.

In rainy days, foggy days and other bad weather, the vehicle may be deviate from the road. But don’t be afraid, the driver will listen to the sound and feeling of turbulence. Your family don't have to worry anymore. Have solar road studs, no fear of wind, frost, snow and rain! Don't hesitate, contact us immediately. Give NOKIN a chance, and NOKIN will give you a miracle.