Road Studs has Worked in Zhangde Road of Anyang

The cast aluminium road studs of NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY have been installed in Anyang for over one year, did they work well?

“After the application of the road studs, they have played important role in the prevention of traffic accidents.” The leader of the Transportation Bureau of Wenfeng District said. And the Zhangde Road also becomes the first road in Henan, where the road studs are widely used.

How those road studs prevent the happening of traffic accidents? Did they work well? In order to know more about the working condition of the road stud, investigators of NOKIN come to the section with road studs to do site visit.
The investigators drive south in the Zhangde Road, when they leave the Nanlin Expressway and drive to Baoliansi, a line of yellow light can be seen in the center of the street, which is the road studs applied. These road studs are almost the same with the road studs installed in the intersection of Wenming Street Avenue and Shuuang Road, and they shape square of 10x10, which are embedded on the ground. The flashing yellow light of the road studs are shinning in the center of Zhangde Road on the interval of 5 meters of each, which has formed a flashing yellow light belt.

The yellow light given out by the road studs can delineate the way for drivers; also the road condition can be seen clearly, which can give them the chance to make judgments in advance. The yellow belt composed by the road studs can play the role of marked lines on the ground, and the drivers can distinguish the motor ways, which can avoid the happening of retrograde at utmost.

The advantages of road studs can be found evidently if compared with the condition of the You River Bridge. For the south of the You River Bridge is the far away from the center of the city, and there are less buildings and lights here. Even the investigators slow down speed and turn on the high beam, they can only see the road condition within the range of several meters, and they cannot distinguish the ways.

Road Studs has Worked in Zhangde Road

The drivers are all satisfied with the road stud
The investigators of NOKIN meet some truck drivers, and they are all satisfied with the road studs, “Those road studs are pretty good, and they provide safety guarantee for our driving at night.” “When we driving at night, it is difficult to see the road condition ahead, and with the help of road studs, we can see where is the straightway and where is turning.” The villagers near this road say, “The road studs here just like twinkling stars, which are beautiful.”

Why do the road studs install in the center of road? “The section of south of the Nanlin Expressway takes the responsibility to ensure the heavy vehicles to pass through, and traffic flow is huge, which causes damage of the marked traffic lines on the ground. And the newly painted marked line will disappear within two months.” The leader of Traffic Bureau of Wenfeng District says. The disappearing of the center lines will cause traffic accidents of the moving vehicles. And they have thought to install the separation guardrails in the center, but the problems come together. “This section is two-lane, once the separation guardrails are set, if there is traffic jam, the cars behind cannot make a detour, which will cause paralyze of the whole road, so the installation of separation guardrail does not work.” The leader expresses that they know that the road stud can not only take the role of warning like the marked lines, but the raised part on the ground can prevent the vehicles change lane randomly, and the road stud is environmentally friendly, so the road studs are installed.

“From the working of the road studs in the past month, they meet the preliminary expectation, and the road become more beautiful.” The leader notes that since their taking over of the section from south of Nanlin Expressway to You River Bridge, they strengthen the maintenance of this section on one hand, and the increase the invest on traffic infrastructures, including traffic lights, traffic signal lights, guardrails and marked lines, which change the road condition and decrease the happening rate of the traffic accidents, and provide safety for the passing vehicles.

Some drivers also express that they hope more road studs can be installed in other roads.