Requirements on environmental adaptation performance of solar road stud

Solar road stud


The environment of the roads are complex and changeable, and the temperature and humidity of the outside environment may also be quite different. The temperature of northern part in winter is very low, while the temperature in southern areas in summer is higher, and diurnal temperature difference in the northwest region is particularly large, along with the moist in southeast and arid climate in northwest, these will affect the normal working of solar road stud. Thus, the environmental adaptation performance of the solar road studs must be taken into consideration in the process of design. At present, the requirement of the ministry of communications on the temperature is -20 °C to 85 °C . Three cycling tests should be made between 20 °C and 60 °C as well to check if it can adapt to the environment. The requirement of the ministry of communications on the hydrothermal property of solar road stud is that the solar road stud can still work normally after 48 hours test under the condition of 45 °C and relative humidity of 98%. The environmental adaptation performance of solar road stud is the comprehensive test on its mechanical properties and electrical performance, including structural design, circuit design, electronic device performance and other aspects, even including its production process. It requires that all aspects of solar road stud should be in place to ensure the good environmental adaptation performance of solar road stud.

Solar Road Stud

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