Replace the Parking Lock with Road Stud to make walking enjoyable

Together with the Public Security Bureau and Traffic Police, the Lanzhou City Administrative Committee investigates and treats the phenomena of install the parking locks in public areas, take the public resources as their own, and do harm to the public facilities. Until now, they have investigate and treat over 40 private parking lock installation in public areas in Longxi Road, Dingxi Road, and Gannan Road, and they have removed about over 500 parking locks. The Lanzhou City Administrative Committee has made an announcement toward the Enforcement Bureau of all districts to let them release a long-term managing mechanism to prevent the happening of arbitrary parking.

Parking Lock

In order to prevent arbitrary parking of vehicles, road studs are installed. After the removal of parking locks, these places become clean and tidy. “In previous days, when pedestrians walking in those areas, they should go around the cars, but now all of them have been removed.”, Aunt Yang talked to the reporter. The installation of road studs solves the problem of arbitrary parking and provides convenient for the pedestrians, and people won’t elude the parking cars when they walking.

The Lanzhou City Administrative Bureau has installed road studs in places where is narrow and damaged together with the Construction Office and Traffic Police, which aims to guarantee the smooth passing of pedestrians. Until April 15th, the installation has been done in 14 sites, including Qingyang Road, Pingliang Road, Haolan Road and Gannan Road, and the total quantity of road studs are over 180. The related departments indicate that they will continue to install the road stud to provide pedestrians with a good traffic environment later.