Raised type solar road studs

The solar technology has been applied in China for several decades, which is much more mature than before. The solar road studs produced nowadays have high quality, perfect illuminating effect and fashion outlooks than the products produced before.

Road stud on motorway

Solar road studs can be divided into embedded type and raised type in accordance with different installation position.

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Embedded type solar road studs are always applied in the center line, while raised type solar road studs are commonly used in the edge lines. This is for than the solar road studs installed in the center line have particularly higher requirements on the pressure resistance. In order to solve this problem, the solar road studs are designed with foot, which is embedded under the ground and only 5mm is left above the road surface. While the requirements of solar road studs used on the edge line on pressure performance is not particularly high, thus they can still work effectively protruding the ground.

Embedded solar road stud

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