Raised Pavement Marker: NK-RS-A1

The raised pavement marker is a kind of aluminum road stud which can reduce traffic accidents at intersections of crossings of the road and give guidance and hazard warning at night or bad weathers. The solar panel on it absorbs sunlight in daytime, and transforms the solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the NI-MH battery or Lithum battery inside it, and then gives out light automatically at night. The aluminum shell of the raised pavement marker is much stronger than the traditional road studs. 

Aluminum raised pavement marker Aluminum raised pavement marker

Features of the raised aluminum road stud:
- Strong compressive resistance. 
- Lower cost than traditional road stud reflectors.
- Visibility is 10 times greater for drivers than glass reflective highway road markers.
- Visible in rainy or foggy days.
- Better water proof performance: IP68.
- Effective additional driver safety when used in conjunction with street light reduction schemes.

Applications of the raised pavement markers:
Covered & Level Car Parks Entrance & Exit Points.
- Commercial Premises.
- Petrol Stations.
- Indoor & Outdoor Roads, Driveways.
- Convention Spaces or Factories.
- Cross Overs.
- Loading Docks.
- Railway Crossings.
- Tram Stops.
- Pedestrian Crossovers.
- School Crossings.

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Raised pavement markers

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