Practical Application of Solar Road Stud Markers

Today we are going to introduce the practical application of solar road stud markers on the road. Traffic lights are no longer only round, but also strip-shaped, long on the road...Have you ever seen this strange new traffic light? With the improvement of urban traffic management and the progress of science and technology, some traffic lights are bubbling one after another. Solar road stud is one of them.


Based on solar road stud marker technology, intelligent zebra crossing appears in urban streets. Recently, traffic lights on the ground appeared on Tianhe North Road in Guangzhou, which lights up at seven o'clock in the evening. According to reports, this is an intelligent zebra crossing based on solar road stud technology, which constantly flashes orange light at night to remind passing vehicles to pay attention to pedestrians and to remind pedestrians crossing the road to pay attention to signal lights.
The use of the solar road stud marker is: when the pedestrian signal light at the intersection turns green, the solar road stud markers turns green; when the pedestrian signal light turns red, the solar road stud markers also turns red. On both sides of each zebra crossing, there are orange flashing lights with solar road studs.

It is understood that the intelligent zebra crossing based on solar road stud technology is to improve the traffic order at the intersection of Tianhe North Road and reduce the congestion caused by the conflict between people and vehicles. At the same time, the solar road stud markers can also effectively remind pedestrians, especially the "bow head" crossing time and area.
The intelligent zebra crossing applies solar road stud markers to ensure the safety of pedestrians through light. Through the application case of solar road stud in Guangzhou, we can see the unlimited potential of the solar road stud.