PC Shell Solar Road Stud Markers NK-RS-K1

The main products of NOKIN include solar road studs, reflective road studs, solar traffic signs and road marking machines. Today I would like to introduce one of solar road stud markers-- solar road stud NK-RS-K1.
First of all, the biggest difference between solar road stud marker NK-RS-K1 and other solar road stud is the shape: solar road stud K1 is round, while most other road stud markers are square. This is the most obvious difference. This arc-shaped design can not only improve the aesthetic feeling of the road stud marker, but also further improve the impact resistance.


The shell of solar road stud marker K1 is made of transparent plastic, not as strong as the aluminum shell, so its bearing capacity is only 20 tons. This solar road stud marker is not suitable for installation in the middle of the road, otherwise it is extremely vulnerable to damage and shorten its service life.
The solar road stud K1 uses USA brand flexible solar panel with high conversion and charge efficiency. NIMH 600mah battery is used to supply power to double-sided super bright LED bulbs (a total of 10 LED bulbs). When fully charged, solar road stud K1 can continue to glow for eight hours or flash at a certain frequency for 120 hours. LED has five common colors: red, yellow, green, blue and white. Customers are free to choose.

All the NOKIN solar road studs are CE ROHS FCC certified. The quality of NOKIN solar road stud wins praise of customers home and abroad.