How to Install the Reflective Road Studs?

Safe producing measures:
1. The whole set of safety facilities should be equipped, such as the safety signs, reflective safety clothing.
2.  All the stuffs should go to work with certificates to ensure the safety and quality of the installation.

reflective road studs

Sequence of the installation of the reflective road studs
Lofting->remove the old road studs->mix the glue->paste the road studs->check up->maintenance

1.  Lofting:
The lofting of the reflective road studs should on the basis of the marked reticule, and the inside part of the reflective road stud should be 2cm away from the marked reticule, and the distance of the road studs should be follow the design.

2. Remove the old road studs:
Use the broom and steel wool to clean the sand or particulates within and around the places where the road studs is about to paste, and then use the dust blower to remove the dust on the ground. The places 10cm around the paste places of the reflective road studs should be cleaned.

3. Mix the glue:
The modified epoxy resin is used and the two-component glue is applied. The glue should be mixed according to the proportion. The glue A (resin) should be put in a exclusive container, and the glue B (hardener) should be put in the container to mix with glue A. after 5 to 8 minutes, use the agitator which is modified by the electric drill to ensure that the glue is well mixed. The quantity that mixed should be according to the weather condition and pasting speed. Generally, about 5 kilos will be mixed. The mixed glue should be used up within 1 hour to ensure the quality of the glue.

4. Paste the road studs:
Put the mixed glue on the pasted places or the bottom of the reflective road studs by slicker, and set the road studs on the places and then press the road studs to remove the air. The glue cannot dirt the shell of the reflective road studs especially the reflectors. The reflectors should face the coming direction of the vehicles.

5. Check up:
The pasted reflective road studs should be checked by specialized worker to ensure the installation angle and whether the reflectors are installed in the opposite direction or not.

6. Maintenance:
The installation site should be closed to forbid the passing of the vehicles or take other measures to ensure that the road studs are not destroyed before solidation.