How to Choose a High-quality Solar Road Stud?

There are some characteristics should be paid more attention when choosing a solar road stud. If all those characteristics can meet the standard, the solar road stud will be a qualified one.

Solar Road Stud

A. Pressure resistance
The solar road stud will break into pieces after being cracked by the cars if it cannot resist certain pressure, so the solar road stud must have good performance in pressure resistance. But some cheap road studs have hollow structures, which can decrease the cost. The qualified solar road stud has no difference with the cheap one in outlook, once the unqualified solar road studs are put into use, the quality problem will appear after 3 to 5 months.

B. Sealing performance
If the solar road stud is not sealed perfectly, the water will penetrate into them, which will cause short circuit, which will bring disastrous consequence, so a qualified solar road stud must have perfect performance in sealing.

C. Brightness
The solar road stud can guide the drivers through automatic illumination, and only when the brightness reaches 2000MCD, the solar road stud is qualified. However, the reflective road stud can only give out light through the reflection of the light of the vehicles, which is lower in lamination quality than the solar road stud.

Service time of the battery: the key factor that determines the service time of the solar road stud is the service time of the battery, so it is quite important to choose a suitable battery. Now there are two types of battery can be applied on the market, one is that battery that the capacity decreases to 50% after 500 times charge & discharge, and the other is the battery that the capacity decreases to 70% after 1000 times charge & discharge.

Solar Road Stud
The battery should not only has long service time, but can work in a large temperature range. The chemical substances are set inside the battery, if the temperature is too high or low, the battery will out of work. The working temperature range of the battery of the solar road stud should be I accordance with the practical working environment. The demand on the working temperature range of national ministry of transportation is -10°C to 50°C, however, the real environment is out of this range, which asks high for the performance of the battery.
Electronic circuit: the design of the circuit board should follow the principle of simple and effective, and there is no need to make it complicated, for one more circuit will raise the possibility of the fault. The electronic devices should be chose strictly, for every fault of the electronic device will cause break down of the whole system.
Welding: the welding of the solar road stud must be firm. For the solar road studs resist crash and crack of the vehicles all the time, a little loose of the welding point will cause the fall off of the circuit. The high quality products should be used in welding to ensure the firm of the welding point and to make it can work for a long time in severe condition.
Those parameters can be the standard to measure the quality of the solar road stud, and they will help the consumers to choose the qualified products when facing different factories.