How to Choose a Good Solar Road Stud?

The reflective brightness of common reflective road studs is only between 300MCD to 400MCD, however, the reflective brightness of solar road stud can be 2000MCD, which is 6 times or 7 times of that the former products. The auto-illumination can not only avoid interference brought by rain and fog to the greatest extent, but can let drivers get rid of the reliance about the light of the coming vehicle. By using solar road stud, the viewing distance will be longer, and with good effect. However, there are quantities of solar of studs, but how to choose a good solar road stud?

Solar Road Stud Road Stud

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When carrying out research about the basic characteristics of any kind of solar road stud, the following aspects should be taken into consideration.

Pressure Resistance
If the solar road stud cannot work under a certain extent of pressure, it will be out of work or break into pieces after several times crush or crash. So the pressure resistance should be the most basic condition for the solar road stud. Nowadays, according to the related technical standard of transportation sector, the compression resistance index of the solar road stud should above 10 tons. The pressure resistance of some of the solar road studs of NOKIN can be over 20 tons.

When compared with the ordinary road stud, the solar road stud has the special feature of auto luminescence. The transportation sector has relative standard for this index, which is no less than 2,000MCD.

Another factor that influences the service time of the solar road stud is the service time of battery, so it is quite important to choose a battery with high quality and good performance. Now two kinds of batteries are applied to the solar road studs on the market, and one battery whose capacity would reduce to 50% after 500 times’ charge-and-discharge and the other is the battery whose capacity would reduce to 79% after 1,000 times’ charge-and-discharge. The service time of a battery should be long enough, and it must be working effectively in a wide range of temperature interval. The material inside a battery is chemical substances, and it cannot work in the temperature which is too high or too low. So, the working temperature range should be abided with requirements of actual using environment. The requirement of related standard made by transportation sector for this index is that the solar road stud should work in the temperature between -10℃ to 50℃. Actually, the working temperature of solar road stud may out of this range, so the battery with reliable quality and excellent performance need to be chosen to make the solar road stud. 

Solar Road Stud Solar Road Stud

Matching Performance of Battery
The rated capacity of the battery should meet the needs of 72 hours’ illuminating, if the battery is put in the standard testing condition for 8 hours. Even if the solar illumination is less than 1,000LX, the rated capacity of the battery should make road stud work normally for 12 hours after 8 hours’ charge. One thing should be noted, if the matching performance of battery is not that good, it will be lack of power in wet weather, which may cause the un-illuminate of solar road stud. If this condition happens, the solar road stud will out of particle value. This is also the limitation of capacitive solar road stud. If the solar road stud is put under the standard testing condition for 8 hours, the capacity inside the rated capacity capacitive can only maintain to work for 12 to 14 hours, that is to say, the capacitive solar road stud is strict with its actual working environment, which should not only have enough sunshine, but should not work in continuous rainy weathers.
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