Solar Road Studs in All Over The World

This is South Africa, you can enjoy sunshine with the animals. The solar road studs charging during the day and starting to glow at night. They just like stars to guide the drivers at night.
 This is America. There are a lot of heavy trucks on the roads, and the material of solar road studs have to be changed. It becomes cast aluminum so that it can support the high weight and resist the high pressure. The pressure in the middle of the road is    greater than other place. The solar road studs are buried in the middle of road, only six millimeters above the road surface, which will not make the driver feel bumpy and prevent the car accidents. Now the solar road studs can resist pressure over 25 tons.
 This is Saudi Arabia, where the ground temperature is above 60 degrees in summer, but don’t afraid of it, the solar cells can work well below 85 degrees.
solar road studs in all over the world
 This is India. It rains a lot. Does it affect solar road studs work? NO, of course not. Someone took solar road studs into 30 meters at the bottom of the ocean. And they could work just as well. So the rain of India is a little case for them.
 This is Russia, it’s snowy heavily in winter. Drivers could not see the persons on the road clearly. But it doesn’t matter. Russian fix the solar road studs on the sign to remind the driver to pay attention. The solar road studs can still work at minus 40.
 This is in northern Europe. Where there is weak sunshine, the area of solar version has to doubled. It’s a good way to improve the charging capacity. The solar road studs can still charge on rainy days.
 Riding on the bicycle road have already became a healthy way of life all over the world. The solar road studs can become so thin that the cyclists will not feel bumpy.
 Different solar road studs for different environment. Solar road studs in all over the world. Shenzhen NOKIN has professional technical development team. If you are interested in the products and technology of NOKIN, you can send e-mails to us to ask for catalogue at any time, and we will reply you in detail as soon as possible.