The Advantages of Solar Road Stud of NOKIN

Solar Road Stud

1. Reduce the happening rate of traffic accidents

The solar road stud can delineate the way for drivers and pedestrians, especially in adverse weathers or at night. The light given out by solar road stud can penetrate thick fog which can let the drivers know the road condition in advance. The visibility of the solar road stud is ten times of that of the ordinary stud, which can be over 800 meters. The installation of solar road stud can reduce the happening of traffic accidents.

2. Economical
The solar road stud has rechargeable batteries inside and it can operate automatically, it uses the solar energy, which is economical. It does not require huge expenditure in setting the electrical infrastructure. The solar road stud can be installed in poor areas where electrical energy is not available but with abundant solar energy. It is economical alternative to the street lighting facility which costs much. The LEDs on the solar road stud can give out strong light, so it can be installed in a long distance with others, about two time of the distance of the ordinary stud. So the less road studs are required which can reduce the cost by 50%.

Application of solar road stud

3. Maintenance free
The solar road stud is designed scientifically, which has past strictly tests. Considering the different climates of different countries, the materials are chosen carefully, and the solar road stud can work normally in the temperature of -25°C to 75°C. The solar road stud is made by aluminum alloy and high-quality polycarbonate, which have strong pressure resistance. The solar road stud is almost maintenance free, and it can work for several years. Even the solar road stud need to repair, only one worker is enough.