Why LED Is Applied in the Solar Road Stud Marker

LED lamp is an indispensable component of solar road stud marker. We use LED technology almost every time of the day, from your alarm clock to checking your watch to stopping at traffic signs or sitting in front of your computer. LED technology is also used in solar road stud marker.

The LED in the solar road stud marker is based on digital lighting technology and transmits information through remote control. Solar road stud marker using LED light can achieve high efficiency. In other words, solar road stud marker with LED can emit light with low energy consumption. 
Traditional light bulbs consume 98% of their heat. LED lighting is caused entirely by the movement of electrons in semiconductor materials, and they last as long as standard transistors. They generate little to no heat, comparatively speaking. The overwhelming majority of energy used for the emission of light.

Another reason for using LED lamp in solar road stud marker is that led is a kind of miniature bulb that can be easily installed in the circuit, but unlike ordinary incandescent bulb, they have no filament that will burn off, invalid or polluted gas, and will not become particularly hot. So the LED lamp can make the solar road stud marker more durable and increase the service life of the solar road stud.
Therefore, LED is the most suitable light source of solar road stud markers. Though the price of LED is high, the long life span and high efficiency of LED solar road stud markers can make up the cost.