The New Intelligent Solar Road Stud Marker

In addition to the common road stud warning and light prompt functions, the intelligent solar road stud uses the solar energy self-power supply mode. In addition to photosensitive monitoring, temperature monitoring, vehicle flow detection, and vibration detection, research and development are also underway, including the detection of water immersion and icing.

solar road stud
For more than one hundred years, the fixed shape of roads has not changed. The roads provide the uniqueness of time and space for vehicle travelers, and there are no other changes. The service of road infrastructure is very simple, and the function of safety facilities is single. A signboard only serves as a reminder. Safety facilities are inflexible. We hope that future intelligent transportation and intelligent road infrastructure will be multifunctional and controllable.
In other developed countries, it can be found that solar road stud markers have become a very important safety infrastructure for road traffic, such as the use of intelligent solar road studs in the UK. Common solar road studs are mostly used in our country. Due to the quality or use of problems, it is difficult to use them for a long time.

solar road stud light
More importantly, since the development of intelligent transportation for many years, road information is still one-way transmission. We can not see the occurrence of traffic accidents, but can not provide warning information to the rear vehicles and prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents. It can be said that the current solar road stud and road network have not reached the level of real intelligence.
But Intelligent solar road stud marker can face future traffic, provide basic road information for unmanned driving, and provide sub Lane positioning for vehicles.