The Information of Hollow Inside Solar LED Road Studs

In the last article, we mentioned two reasons why solar LED road studs are easily damaged. The first one is hollow inside of the solar led road stud, and the second is the wrong structure with pin foot. Both are structural problems, but they are different. The first case is highlighted here.
As we all know, solar led road stud can be roughly divided into two parts: shell and internal structure. Once the shell is damaged, the internal structure of solar road stud is easily damaged.

The compression test should be carried out before the solar led road stud is put into use. When it was over 8.1 tons and 8.9 tons, an unqualified solar road stud broke. Even not as good as the qualified plastic road stud compression value. The compression value of qualified plastic road stud is 16 tons. Of course, the solar led road studs of this structure can not meet the requirements of the Ministry of communications for compressive strength of 10 tons. General pressure testing equipment can do this kind of compression test.

The harm of internal hollow is also shown in the solar road studs LED lampshade. We can use the solar led road studs lampshade impact instrument to test. The working principle is that after the whiteboard is drawn out, the steel ball is free to fall to the height of one meter, and vertically impacts the LED lampshade of the solar led road stud. See if the lampshade is broken or not.
Generally, it is used to solve the damage of the shell and improve the compression resistance of solar led road studs. Special materials are used to fill the inside of the solar led road stud.