Solar Road Stud Markers in Current Highway Project

In the current highway safety guarantee project implemented by the Ministry of communications, various traffic safety facilities have been widely used, including traditional products and newly developed products. Solar road stud markers with its clear outline of the road, strongly guide the driver's line of sight and show strong vitality, has been more and more used in highway safety engineering.

The application of solar road stud is to improve the safety of highway driving and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Solar road stud marker also plays a great role, but also has the advantages of energy saving, safety, high efficiency and lasting.
As the name suggests, solar road stud marker is a product using solar energy as energy. The use of solar energy resources can save power resources, and green pollution-free, will not cause damage to the environment. In the current world of energy shortage, solar road stud markers are highly praised for their energy advantages.

The brightness of solar road stud marker is higher than that of reflective road stud. High intensity light can break through the rain and fog at night, actively light up and point out the direction for the driver. The strong brightness of the solar road marker can draw the outline of the road very clearly at night, even in rainy or foggy weather, it does not affect the induction effect of solar road stud on the driver.
The solar road stud marker battery generally uses lithium battery. The life of the battery will also affect the service life of the solar road stud. And the choice of battery should ensure that it can work normally in a large temperature range. Generally speaking, the rated capacity of the battery should meet the needs of 72 hours of normal lighting of the road stud marker when it is placed for 8 hours under the standard test conditions.