Solar Road Studs Lights From NOKIN

Solar road stud lights are new traffic safety facilities. Solar road stud lights can give warning to drivers by self luminous lines, so as to prevent traffic accidents due to bad weather or bad light.
Solar road stud lights have been applied in many foreign cities. There are often solar road studs lights on expressways, but they have not been widely promoted in China.


Guangzhou is one of the cities that popularize solar road stud lights. In order to improve the cross street traffic order of busy sections and intersections, Guangzhou Transportation Bureau organized the municipal road engineering research center to install solar road stud lights in special sections.
Solar road stud achieved the desired effect. The solar road stud lights can not only play an obvious two-way warning role for pedestrians and passing vehicles on the crosswalk at night, but also can not affect the driving safety of drivers because of the strong light.


Through the color change and flicker of solar road studs, the passage time and area of pedestrians crossing the street are effectively reminded. At the same time, solar road stud lights can clearly remind vehicle drivers to yield to zebra crossing and slow down, reduce the cross street conflict between vehicles and pedestrians, and improve the traffic safety at intersections.