Solar LED Road Stud Shell And LED

Solar led road stud is made up of solar panel, battery, PCB board, shell and LEDS. Every accessory of solar LED road stud is indispensable, and there are many choices. So, how to choose the accessories of solar LED road stud?

First of all, the shell of the solar LED road stud should first be considered to be durable, and then to consider the aesthetics. One of the main characteristics of the solar LED road stud is its strong compression capacity, which can accept the impact and rolling of the car for many times. This requires that the shell of the solar LED road stud must be solid and pressure resistant. Once the shell of the solar LED road stud is damaged, the internal components may be lost, resulting in the failure of the solar LED road stud.
Although the plastic shell is light and low cost, it is not strong in compression and easy to be destroyed. Generally, solar LED road stud will choose to use reinforced PC material or aluminum shell, which can resist repeated rolling and has strong bearing capacity.


Then there is the light source of the solar LED road stud, which is the LED light. Now the LED life can reach more than 100000 hours, and the working voltage is low, so it is suitable for solar LED road stud. Generally, the selection of the light source of solar road LED stud should consider the reliability, cost performance, color temperature and luminous efficiency.
In addition to lighting function, LED of solar road stud may also play a decorative role.General LED has red, green, blue, yellow and white colors for selection.