Reflective Soad Stud And Solar Road Studs

Reflective road studs were invented in the last century by Percy Shaw. The inventor of the reflective road stud accidentally found that the cat's eyes could reflect the front light of the car while driving at night. He thought of making a traffic safety device to mark the edge of the road based on the cat's eye, and invented the cat eye road stud.

Reflective road studs are made of various materials. There are glass reflective road stud, plastic reflective road stud and so on. Reflective road studs can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents by emitting car light to warn drivers and mark the road.
However, as a passive light-emitting device, the light source is unstable and the light is not strong. In rainy and foggy weather and extremely dark weather, reflective road stud is likely to lose its function, unable to penetrate the rain and fog to achieve lighting effect. In addition, reflective road studs may be more easily damaged, once damaged, they will not work.


In contrast, solar road stud has the advantages of high light intensity, strong light penetration and strong dynamic warning effect. High intensity light can break through the rain and fog at night and guide the driver safely and effectively. Solar road studs can also be separated from the dependence on the car lighting, the visual distance is longer, and the effect is better.
As a new type of road traffic safety facilities, ordinary reflective road stud and solar road stud can play a great role in safety warning. But in terms of cost performance and efficiency, solar road stud is better. This is the inevitable result of the development of science and technology. The application of solar road stud will be gradually popularized in the world.