Another order for Reflective Road Studs of NOKIN from Thailand

Congratulations to NOKIN! NK-1002 cat eye reflective road stud has been succeeded in working in Thailand. On January 21st, 2015, our Thailand clients purchased 40,000 pieces NK-1002 reflective road stud in order to decrease the risk of traffic crash in their country. According to the report from a Thailand news agency, the rate of traffic accidents has decreased these years after the road safety facilities had been introduced to Thailand. Nick Lanigan, managing director of Clear View Traffic Group in Thailand, said:”The reflective road studs on this stretch were installed in Bangkok in 2015, and the installation of the products is still a success today. We have done lots of tests about the sustainability and robustness for the products of NOKIN and some other companies. It is obvious that the road safety measure of reflective road stud is better than the measure of white lining, and other road signs.

NK-1002 reflective road studNK-1002 reflective road studNK-1002 reflective road stud packingNK-1002 reflective road stud packing

NK-1002 reflective road stud is the star product of NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY. It is made of high quality ABS material, and the reflection of reflective road studs can meet ASTM D4280 and EN 1463-1 standard. It can be installed in all kinds of road, and the special groove design is to improve reflectivity and compression resistance. The adhesive ability of NK-1002 is good, making the raised pavement marker popular throughout the world. It has been shown to enhance safety performance and to have a more sustainable and economical method of delineation during night time or adverse weather.

NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY is a professional supplier, specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of road studs. NOKIN has a broad range of products with good quality, that  designed by our own company and the strong ability for injection and blowing mould process in our R&D department makes plastic products in various sizes, shapes and colors with superior strength in short lead-time with lower developing and manufacturing cost to satisfy the needs of all clients. Our company can provide OEM and ODM services for customers all over the world. Welcome to visit website of NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITY and inquire for catalogue and price at any time.