Reflective Pavement Markers: NK-RS-A6

The reflective pavement marker, which is maintenance-free, is a lighting device powered by solar energy and is used in road construction to delineate the road for motorists. The reflective pavement marker of aluminum shell has strong pressure resistance, and the pressure resistance of NK-RS-A6 is over 20 tons, so it is always installed in the center line of roads. Compared with the plastic road studs, the cast aluminum stud is much more visible in rainy or foggy conditions. The reflective pavement marker has two working method: one is blink and the other is constant lighting, which can satisfy various needs of the users. 

Green aluminum reflective pavement markers Aluminum reflective pavement markers

Features of the reflective pavement markers:

- High temperature adaptation, high quality NI-Mh battery.
-  Aluminum shell with strong pressure resistance of over 20 tons.
-  Inside reflector.
- Better water proof performance: IP68.
- Several colors: blue, white, green, yellow.
- Double side led road stud or single face green reflective stud can be designed.
- Long visual distance of over 800m.

Blue aluminum reflective pavement markers Red aluminum reflective pavement markers

Reflective pavement markers of NK-RS-A6

Application of the reflective pavement markers:
- Commercial Premises.
- Petrol stations.
- Underground garages.
- Indoor & outdoor raods.
- Joint intersections, on and off ramps, center lines of roads, entrance, bridges.
- Airport, bike and pedestrian lanes in squares or parks, carpool lanes.

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