Motorway Reflective Studs have Come to Our Life

The motorway reflective road stud is an advanced traffic safety facility. It is mainly installed between the marked lines or yellow double lines on the ground, which can warn the drivers to drive according to the lanes through its retro-reflectivity. The normal size of the reflective stud is 100mm * 100mm * 20mm, and the height of the stud is less than 25mm. The reflectors of the motorway reflective stud are the reflective len, reflective bead, LEDs and the reflective film. 

Reflective road studs installed on the motorways can not only be applied on motorway, and it can also be applied in other road conditions to mark the center lines, lane lines and edge lines; it can also be used to mark the curve, ramp entrance, guide line, narrow roads, and road obstructions in dangerous sections with quite strong traffic safety warning function. The reflective road studs on motorways can reflect light given out by cars passing by at night or on conversed weather conditions. This kind of road facilities has decrease the happening of traffic accident effectively, so they are wide used on motorways to give guarantee to the motorists.

Motorway reflective stud Motorway reflective stud

The reflective studs have strong pressure resistance, and they can be installed in the center of the road without break into pieces when the heavy cars passing on them. They are strong and durable, and the shell is fashionable, which can resist the pressure of over 20 tons. For the reflective studs are produced with different materials, so it can resist high temperature or low temperature, and the working temperature of the it can range from -40°C to 85°C, and that is also why the reflective studs can be used in different countries with different climates. The reflective road studs have good performance in sealing, and the water or other liquid cannot run into the inside part of the studs, which prolongs the service time of the road studs. The reflective studs save energy, which is environmentally friendly. They can not only serve for people’s daily life, but do no harm to the environment. And the installation of the reflective studs is easy, and generally only two workers can finish the installation, which decreases the installation cost.
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