A New Type of Road Stud - Green Reflective Studs

The safety awareness of people has increased in recent years, so an increasing number of traffic safety facilities has been applied in our daily life, which have already become the caretakers of drivers and pedestrians on the way. Yellow, red and blue are the most common colors of the reflective road studs that are used nowadays, and in order to make the reflective road studs more fashionable and safety, the green reflective studs are put into markets. As the ordinary road studs that we can see before, the green reflective studs can resist heavy pressure, good performance in reflection, and the transparent cover on them can prevent the reflectors from being rubbed and being falling off.

Green Reflective Stud: NK-RS-A6 Green Reflective Stud: NK-RS-A6-1
Compared with the reflective road studs of ordinary colors, the green type will make drivers or pedestrians fell at ease. It can make them feel relieved, and it will be much more comfortable for their eyes when seeing the color of green. Green is also a symbol of safety, so they will feel safe if the green reflective studs are installed. The green light can penetrate thick fog and it is easy to be noticed at night or in adverse weathers. So the green reflective studs are favored by clients when they are just put into markets.
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