Development of Solar Reflective Road Stud

The development of the production of the solar reflective road stud become fast in recent years, for the science and technology have get great improvement. With the improvement of science and technology, the production technology has developed greatly in recent years. Compared with the earlier solar road studs, the solar products produced nowadays make great breakthrough in illuminating pattern, outlooks, functions, etc.

Solar Road Stud

The illuminating pattern of the previous solar road stud is flashing, for the producers think that the flashing light is much more attractive. However, the technicians find that the flashing light may make the drivers upset or anxious, and the solar road stud which is constantly ON can make them feel comfortable. So the working pattern of the solar cat eyes produced nowadays is constantly ON, which can be installed in the expressways. 

Solar Reflective Road Stud
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The solar road stud produced in recent years not only concentrates on the practical use, but attaches great importance to the outlook. The performance in pressure resistance and water-proofing are improved greatly, and the design of the outlook is more concise and artistic. The solar road studs seem like luminous pearls set on both sides of the ways, which can not only guide the way for drivers, but provide aesthetic feeling.

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