Apply Photovoltaic Technology in Solar Road Stud Marker

Solar road stud marker is a kind of traffic safety facilities, used in the middle of the road or the edge of the road. The function of solar road stud is to outline the road boundary and road edge line with light at night and in dim light (rainy, foggy and snowy days), so as to prevent drivers from taking the wrong route and causing serious traffic accidents.

The components of solar road stud marker including road stud shell, solar cell or super capacitor, LED lamp and circuit. Among them, the solar cell using photovoltaic technology is an indispensable part of the solar road stud.
The solar cell is the most important part of the solar road stud marker. Solar cells, which convert sunlight directly into electricity, are increasingly being used for more sustainable power applications. From desktop calculators and iPod chargers to satellites, spaceships, generators and solar lighting. One of the applications of solar energy is solar road stud marker.

Photovoltaic technology is used in the solar cells of the solar road stud marker. The specific operation steps of the solar road stud marker battery are: when the sunlight is absorbed by these substances, the solar energy will release electrons from the atoms, making the electrons flow through the substances, thus generating electric current. The conversion of light (photons) into electricity (voltage) is called photovoltaic effect (PV).
Solar energy resources are inexhaustible, we should vigorously promote the use of solar road marker. Solar road stud can not only effectively reduce traffic accidents, but also save resources and protect the environment.