Features of the Application of the Solar Street Light

With the development of illumination industry, the light source with low power can reach the illumination effect and save the consumption of solar panel, which decreases the cost of solar system and the cost will be closer to the promotion price. For the solar power generation is much more suitable for the lights, the solar street light, solar courtyard light and lawn light are widely applied nowadays. And they are quite suitable for the places where lack of illumination or the need long distance illumination, for example, mountainous area, poor area, desert, forest region, or the sea. The street light can also be applied in places where need special power supply, for example, on the sea, on the lighthouse, on the island, on the mountain or region where is difficult to set electric transmission line.

However, the solar light devices is not suitable for the units where consume a large quantity of electric power or the places where lack of sunshine. For the power of the power equipments is high, and most of them are over 300w, but the power generation of solar energy is low, which will increase the power generation cost of solar energy, which is not acceptable for customers. In addition, the solar energy in some areas is not abundant, which will cause poor economic benefits, and the solar light devices are difficult to be installed or cannot be installed behind many tall buildings.

Solar Street Light

The solar street light can be used in the places where do not require too much illumination, like counties, rural areas, courtyards or parks. Because the cost of solar energy is determined by the light source, the places where do not require that much light are suitable to use the illumination of solar energy. It is not because the solar energy cannot meet the demands of brightness, and it is for the cost will be higher if the brightness is stronger, and the consumers cannot accept that. However, the cost of low power illumination is almost equal to that of the ordinary light, so the solar street light with lower power is competitive in the market.