Road Marker
Aluminum road stud

Aluminum alloy led road stud marker

The aluminum alloy LED road stud marker is installed to mark the central lines, separation lines of the roadway, curved ways, which is equal to the marked lines on the ground..

Solar Road Markers

Something Should be Considered in Choosing the Cat Eye Road Marker

The choosing of the cat eye road markers will influence the installation process and working condition of the cat eye road markers.

Solar Road Markers

How Solar Road Markers Work?

The solar road stud or the solar road marker is a kind of road markers, which is installed on the ground, and it is used to delineate the way at night or on rainy or foggy days.

Reflective Road Markers

Reflective Road Markers

Road markers are the most effective safety devices during the night even under the most adverse weather conditions. They are designed to resist extreme impacts

Solar Cat Eyes

Solar Reflective Road Marker

Powered by solar energy, the solar reflective road marker is a kind of LED maintenance-free lighting devices, which is widely used in road construction to delineate road edges and centerlines of the streets.

Raised Pavement Marker

Raised Pavement Marker

The raised pavement marker is a kind of aluminum road stud which can reduce traffic accidents at intersections of crossings of the road and give guidance and hazard warning at night or bad weathers.

Solar Reflective Road Markers

Something Needs to be Considered Before Purchasing the Solar Reflective Road Markers

Every year about 5 million people die and 100 million people injured for traffic accidents throughout the world, and the economic loss causes by traffic accidents every year can be 1% to 2% of the total GDP.

Reflective Pavement Markers

Reflective Pavement Markers: NK-RS-A6

The reflective pavement marker, which is maintenance-free, is a lighting device powered by solar energy and is used in road construction to delineate the road for motorists.