Solar Road Stud

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Plastic Solar Road Stud

Parameter of the solar road stud:
1. Name: Plastic solar road stud
2. Model: NK-RS-C1
3. Material: PC
4. Power supply: Monocrystalline solar panel,2.5V/120MA for NI-MH; ,5V/60MA for lithum battery;
5. Battery: NI-MH 1.2V/ 600mah(high temperature resistance);Lithum battery 3.2V/500MA(made in Japan)
6. LED: Ultra bright diameter 5mm
7. LED Color: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White(can be customized)
8. Working model: Blinking or constant(charged at daytime, working automatically at night)
9. Working Hours: (1).Blinking:140hours for NI-MH battery; 130hours for lithum battery;(2).Constant:40hours for NI-MH battery; 35hours for lithum battery;
10. Visual distance: >800m
11. Water proof: IP68
12. Resistance: 20T(can be installed in the middle of road)
13. Life span: 2years for NI-MH battery;
14. 5years for Lithum battery;
15. Size: Ф122×25 mm
16. Packing: 2pc/box;60pcs/ctn
17. Carton size: 67.5*28*20cm
18. Weight: 17kgs/ctn
19. Certificate: CE & ROHS

The 360° plastic solar road stud can give out light in all direction, which sparkles like diamond, and it can be installed in the roundabouts. It has good waterproof performance (IP68) and strong pressure resistance.

The solar road stud is one of road studs, and it is installed along the road, which can be used at night or in rainy or cloudy days to delineate the way and guide the drivers and pedestrians. It is composed by the retro-reflective material, shell, solar panel, LED and controller, which can give out light automatically, and it always applied together with the marked lines on the roads.

Working principle of the solar road studs:
The solar road stud absorbs light in the daytime, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored inside the energy storage devices (battery or accumulator). At night, the electrical energy inside the energy storage device can give out light through LED to delineate the way.

Plastic Solar Road Stud

Pictures of the plastic solar road studs with different colors

Solar Road Stud

Plastic Road Road Stud: Blue


Plastic Road Road Stud: White


Plastic Road Road Stud: Yellow


Plastic Road Road Stud: Green


Application and installation of the

solar road studs

Application of the solar road studs
1. The solar road stud warns the drivers in rainy or foggy days through synchronous blinking, and it has features of active luminescence and flickering warning when compared with the ordinary reflective road stud. The solar road stud has the functions of vertigo prevention and clear.
2. Entrance or ramp of the expressways, road with sharp curve, and entrance and exit of the toll station.
3. Gate of schools, intersections of residential areas, intersections, signal lights, hotels, parks, and entrance or exit of the underground garages.

Application of the solar road studs
Application of the solar road studs
Application of the solar road studs

Installation of the 360° solar road stud:

1.Safety protection:
Several traffic cones, 2 sets of installation diversion board, botons, reflective vest for everyone. All the workers should wear the reflective vest when setting out, and the installation diversion boards and traffic cones should be set in the installation site. Every installation team should have 2 to 4 safety officers.
Electric hammer, foot plate, chopper, small adhesive barrel, chalk, dynamo, electric hand drill, and adhesive mix machine.
360° solar road stud
4.Auxiliary material:
Epoxy resin adhesive A and B, cement.
5.Procedures of installation:
1) First, use the foot plate to make sure of the installation place with the interval of 15 meters (according to the drawing), and guarantee that all the products are installed in the same line, so are the products in the horizontal position;
2) The mix ratio of the adhesive A and B is 1:0.7, and 15% to 30% cement should be added as the filler ( do not mix that much adhesive in one time. Mix adhesive for fix 50 to 70 products every time.). The adhesive should be well distributed. 40 to 50g adhesive is needed for one road stud.
3) The installation site should be clean and tidy, and take 40 to 50g adhesive with chopper and smear it on the back of the road stud. Then fix it on the certain place, and pressure it to make it connect with the ground tight.
4)Use the chopper the clean the superfluous adhesive after installation and clean the road.

Do not touch the LED part of the road stud to avoid put adhesive on it and influence the illuminating effect. Do not installation in the places with water or oil. The traffic cones can be withdrawn 4 hours after installation.