Requirements on solar road stud battery matching performance

Cat Eye Road Stud Solar Cat Eye Road Stud

Placing for 8 hours under the condition of standard test, the rated capacity of the battery should meet the needs of normal lighting of 72 hours of solar road stud. Even if the sun light is less than 1000lx, its rated capacity should meet the needs of normal lighting for 12 hours of the road studs after eight hours charging of the battery. What should also be noticed is that if the matching performance of the battery is bad, then the solar road stud cannot give out light in rainy weather due to the insufficient store electricity of the battery. As a result, there would be no practical value for the solar road stud. Herein lies the limitations of capacitive solar road stud. When placed under standard test conditions for 8 hours, the rated capacity of the capacitance can only satisfy the normal lighting of 12-14 hours of solar road stud, so there is very strict requirement on the actual use environment for capacitive solar road stud, not only the sunshine should be strong enough, but there should be no continuous wet weather, otherwise it will be difficult to work properly.

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